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Psychedelic Integration Therapy (PIT) is the the future of psychotherapy. Many  client's have enjoyed psychedelic experience at some point in their  journey. Yet without professional support the work can present itself in a difficult manner, it can be challenging. If you have been considering taking your career toward the field of Psychedelic Integration Therapy (PIT), then you will need skilled advisors who have their fingers on the pulse of the developing landscape in Medicine . Embark on your Hero's Journey and start laying the foundations for the the next frontier in psychotherapy. Third stage clinical trails for esKetamine, Psylocibin and MDMA have already started. The time for action is already here.

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Stress, Anxiety & Depression

While coping strategies lead to increased stress, anxiety and depression. Root cause analysis suggests how to reduce negative stimulus outright. Psychedelic integration therapy utilizes root cause analysis to identify and reduce stress, anxiety and depression in order to provide you with the tools to bring meaningful change to your life.


It is possible to enjoy the outdoors again. It is possible to relearn peace and calm that can become victims of our ever diligent awareness. Learn to minimize, process and control your reaction to triggering experiences in a safe and controlled setting geared for your emergence back to peace. 

Achieving Success

Get unstuck. Remove blocks. Learn to see the all-pervasive beauty that is lurking behind every corner. Learn to say "Yes" to winning.

Coming To Terms With Oneself
Getting out of your own way.

Learn forgiveness of other's and self. Learn what real success looks like and how that pertains directly to relationships both superficial and meaningful. Perfection is an amorphous template that only exists conceptually. You have what it takes!

Goal Realization

Your potential is there to unlock. Learn to intentionally  form your goals from visualization to physical existence.


Psychedelic Integration Therapy teaches one about one's own self as well as other's. During this process, empathy and compassion have a tendency to deepen within the individual doing the work creating deeper,more meaningful, relationships built on understanding, trust and a commitment toward global compassionate healing.


Our virtues and our failings are inseparable, like force and matter. When they separate, man is no more.    - Nicola Tesla



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